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     This was an accident.  I was cleaning and found myself wondering what to do with this wooden rabbit, I'd bought at a yard sale for a sum of 75 cents.  Then, there set a chair that I'd purchased for 50 cents somewhere in my travels.  A picture frame appeared I'd bought for a project that never materialized.  Well, I hang the frame and on second thought, I hung the chair inside the frame and looked to the rabbit and I knew the little fellow belonged in the chair.
     I've gotten s-o-o-o many, many compliments on what I call, "The Accident".   
     I purchased this piece at a second time around store for $2.00.   Someone spend a lot of time and talent putting this piece of "ART" together.  I feel fortune to have founded this treasure every time I see it hanging on my wall.
     I think the photo shows how easy it would be to duplicate another one.  It is a beautiful piece of crochet...a wonderful way of preserving an  heirloom given to you from a friend or family member or purchasing at a second time around store or a yard sale. 
     Find a suitable background material, a pretty piece of crochet  and a correct size frame and go to work .
     I only wish I could take the comments with, "Yes, I make that, but no, I didn't."   Now, I just smile and think how much fun I had in the "hunt and find" of an heirloom.
The base of this bird bath or bird feeder is 18 inches tall. 
I took the lamp parts out and glued a plastic, 12 inch, egg dish onto the lamp base.

The center of the dish holds a tea pot.  The tea pot became a plant container after the lid was  broken.  The combination makes a wonderful bird bath or bird feeder.
The lamp and tea pot was a throw away.  The plastic egg dish cost $1.00 at a local Dollar Store.  CHEAP and CUTE!!!

I purchased three small cups and saucers at a thrift store because I thought they were cute and I might find a place for these gems.  An idea came to me to glue a cup to a saucer and make a bird feeder out of one.

Then, I thought it would be interesting to hang it.  So, the idea of a short macrame hanger came into play. 

Here's the final product. 

Now, I have two cups and two saucers left.  So, what's next?  I have no idea, but I do know something is a coming...we'll see!