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1 in 3 women

1 in 6 men

experience some form of contact violence in their lifetime. 

Over 1/3 of US women (43.5 million) have experienced psychological aggression at the hands of an intimate partner.

In US more than 1/2 of female homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner.


     Being retired for busy women can be boring and depressing.  Are you in that group?  To you are I say get off your tiff and get busy.  Find something that you enjoy doing.  Put your talent into action.  

     Mine began as a friend of mine and I found ourselves talking about women and children becoming victims of violence.  We've been there. We know the helplessness, embarrassment, failure, loneliness, guilt, uncertainty these women feel.   

     She ask, "what can we do?"

     My answer was, "make quilts!"  I'd never made a quilt in my life, but I knew I could and I did.  I crochet and sew and I've make the most of my talent because I believe it proves to these women that someone, somewhere, loves them and their children.  I want these women to know THEIR NEVER alone.