designs by Wanda Jean

the Happy Hookers
     Crochet Club

The large crocheted rug, is made from 2" wide strips of cotton fabric.  The material, in this rug, is recycled bed sheets.  If you'd like the pattern, it's FREE.  Request it in an email and I'll email the pattern to you.

On the back of the chair is a small pair of overalls.  I shorten the legs, rolled a cliff and seamed the bottom of each leg just before the roll begins.  Then, hang it on the back of a chair.  It's wonderful to put "stuff" in while enjoying your porch.

The shoes and a purse are used as planters.  Cheap and cute!


Just A Thought.....                           
                                A friend gives hope when life is low,
                           A friend is a place when you have no where to go,
                           A friend is honest,
                           A friend is true.
A friend is precious,
A friend is YOU.......

I don't know who wrote this.....whomever.....I want to say THANK YOU!